Helen Li

Helen Li graduated from Shenzhen University in 1989 where she studied for three years. She was formally manager of the Shenzhen, Hong Kong and United States branch of Shenzhen Foreign Trade Group where she was in charge of the import and export of Chinese products.

Victor Liu

Mr. Liu Shiyang, as the general manager of the group in 2005, is responsible for the optimization of the management system of the group, the reengineering of the project management process and the audit of the operation of the daily projec

Lianxiang Shao

Shao Lianxiang is the former president of the North Company of Shanghai Jinjiang Group, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Kunlun Hotel and the General Manager of Beijing Asian Hotel. He joined Super Ocean Group as the Deputy General Manager in 1997.

Xiaodan Tang
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Tang Xiaodan holds an EMBA from Shanghai Tongji University. She joined Super Ocean Group in 1998 as Sales and Leasing Manager. In 2003, she became the Deputy General Manager of Super Ocean Group s sales. In 2003, she led the sales team in planning both Nanzheng Mansion and Hangang City, setting the record for building sales in Shanghai at the time.

Mabel Li
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Li Qi graduated from Douglas College, BC, Canada and majored in International Finance. She was formerly the senior auditor, deputy manager for finance, and Brand Controller, at PWC, FE International Group and Loreal(China) respectively.

Wenyu Liu
Project Director

Mr. Liu Wenyu graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, majoring in industrial and civil architecture. He was the engineer and project manager of China State Construction Engineering Corporation. In 1997, he became the General Manager of Shanghai Bijia Software Co,. Ltd,.